Supporting Animals in Rescue

Direct rescue. Food, medical and support redistribution, direct support. Working with key vendor, peak bodies and partners.





Hundreds of Tonne of food shipped into emergencies

ARC is the key re-supply partner for WIRES, Petbarn & Peak Bodies.

17 Large Response teams with hundreds of micro-hubs. This is how ARC ismanaging hundreds of feed areas and projects. From Kangaroo Island to FNQ, South NSW and Gippsland. Blue Mountains to North Coast. The team is absolutely focused on getting support where it is neededwith 

ARC brings the skills of experienced rescuers, professionals, logistics and disaster experts to change the way Australia supports its wildlife and companion animal rescue. At scale.


ARC is a major distribution organisation for Petbarn Foundation,  WIRES and many other large peak bodies. 

ARC redistributes tonnage of food, medical, craft and rescue items across a national network of rescuers. We take every product, every size load and through our large national contact base we can ensure that product gets to animals in need without stockpiling. Your donation does not go to waste.

To offer product donations click here or email

  • Proof of engagement tracking to ensure stakeholders see field outcomes
  • Broad reach of thousands of small to large rescuers, ensuring all areas benefit
  • Geofencing to place donations into the hands of local teams
  • Co-Branding to showcase your outcomes and support in the field

Size of the donation is not an issue. ARC can manage any product type from Wildlife and Equine to Companion Animal. We also have extensive relationships across peak retail and government bodies to rapidly engage in times of need. If your organisation has product, we will get it where it is needed.

ARC has the emergency rebuild experience to support small and large scale projects

Working with donors, suppliers and peak bodies, ARC has engaged in numerous implementations, innovations and complete shelter rebuilds to support rescuers in need. 

Scale out rebuild projects, water security programs, complete shelter recreation post emergency. innovation in national projects to help rescue. 

Where infrastructure does not exist, ARC has put in place innovative feed and water solutions, containment and supporting volunteers to ensure the best survival of animals in care. You can read about the Bushfire 2020 program here.

Everyone working together for a common goal. Lets get this done.



Hands on Animal Rescue

ARC not only supports the rescuers in the field, it’s own volunteers are engaged in hands on field rescue.

ARC’s team members are all in Animal Rescue and bring many years of experience in field engagement. When they arent helping others they are hands on in the cages, on the streets and in the bush with rescue. This gives them a unique perspective not only on rescue but the interpersonal and orgaisational needs of rescuers.

  • Directly rescuing and managing animals in our own care.
  • Physical shelter management across a broad range of animal types
  • Solid understanding of systems and processes to make shelters run better
  • Field team engagement Hands on, dirty glove work with injured animals

Team members rescue, rehome, rehab and help others to do the same.

Shed Crews, transporters, builders, crafters, virtual teams all over Australia

The largest custom craft team on the planet (250k members), 17 large Shed crew teams, thousands of makers, drivers and physical volunteers. Your ARC team gets things done

Volunteer teams sign up all over Australia both with ARC and our sister organisations in rescue (The Rescue Collective, WIRES and many others) to help support animals in need. 

The teams across Australia were brought together of many years of rescue work. We’ve worked under pressure of many major incidents both local and national, developing solid processes and supporting groups.

We especially are proud of our national shed team volunteers. These are the large groups of individuals who every week receive, sort, repack then arrange shipments for care packages across Australia. This can be anything from food to medical, veterinary to craft. The capacity that they bring makes the lives of rescuers easier. 

Volunteers are the lifeblood of community and we have solid programs both small and large to engage, educate and bring outcomes for Australia


National volunteer teams

National Disasters

National disasters – where all our work comes together

The coordination of large scale supply, volunteer and support infrastructure in times of need is our speciality. Working with rescue groups on the ground, peak bodies, suppliers and donors the ARC teams come together with significant services to save lives.

This is the most important part of our work.

  • National ongoing supply of food and medical to key hot spots
  • Collection and distribution of medical and other support.
  • Coordination of evacuations, on site preparation and emergency controls
  • What rescuers need . . to rescue. Infrastructure, funds, skilled people.

Hundreds of volunteers backed up by pinpoint response and supply chain takes pressure of rescuers/government and is the difference between life and death. 

Hundreds of thousands risk job loss and losing their houses and giving up pets.

The resources that ARC has developed are immediately being put into use with Corona support. Food, medication, community and animal help for those who need it most

Working with our suppliers, donors and teams, ARC will provide food support to families that have lost jobs, are at risk of not being able to feed their animals and at risk of abandonment.

The ARC teams are also providing direct support to rescue groups and Council Pounds that are managing displaced animals. This is not only in food support but in vet treatment, medication and access to quality drugs. 

Working with rescue groups and safehouses, ARC has stood up places for animals to have an extended stay in the event of a temporary rehoming. These animals are supported and help continues until the animals are back with the family. This program could not work without the generous support of the Petbarn foundation and our donors and teams.

COVID 19 - Corona Virus

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Pet Support

When people flee domestic violence, are facing homelessness or become seriously ill, they often have to surrender their pets or leave them behind. If they do manage to take them with them, they often can’t afford to bring any items the pets may require like beds, toys, food bowls etc.

ARC’s Partnership with Paws and Recover help find foster carers for animals that have become homeless, have been in a traumatic domestic violence situation or have owners who for any reasons can’t look after them for a period of time.

71% of all domestic violence victims say that their pets are threatened by the perpetrator. This means they cannot leave for fear of pets being harmed.

The aim is to look after loved family pets whilst their owners can find suitable housing, recover and get the support they need. Often these pets are the only reasons these folks keep looking forward, so reassuring them that their pets will be safe and cared is a huge help. 



The Craft Guild is a global community of innovative creators that work together to make custom supportive products for animals in need. Through this we save lives, improve care, reduce the burden on rescuers and bring awareness to their global plight

Your ARC teams supported immediate fire and disaster response. Join the fight. Lets get this done.