Add your Rescue Organisation

Add your organisation in order for it to be displayed and searchable by the public. Note, this will not display your specific address unless you add this, it will only show suburb . We recommend for privacy sake only listing your suburb unless you are fine with Shelter Visitors.

What do these different rescue types mean?

ARC works across several different types of rescue org. Most are clearly defined though some do cross over. For the purposes/ease of use we break them into 4 types of rescue. There may be more and there will be additional categories added over time.

Companion Animal Rescuers are organisations that predominantly rescue dogs and cats, rabbits or animals that live in a house with people and their families. Hence “Companions!”

Farm sanctuaries are rescuers that take in farm rescues, chickens, horses, ducks, geese, cows, pigs etc for a non commercial nature, and look after or even rehome them.

Wildlife rescuers includes any native animal, bats and seabird organisations, this can be individuals or organisations. Wildlife rescuers are often licenced to a state/geo/

Horse Rescuers and Sanctuaries primarily focus on horse related support projects, rescues and equine assistance. They normally work closely with local horse owners and clubs.

Independant drop hubs are sites that are working in a local area with local rescuers and community to support others. These are not affiliated with ARC.