ARC "Ask Me" AI Tool

"I dont have time to write fundraisers, answer emails, write posts. I am too busy with animals"

This will help. Detailed answers and content support for animal rescuers. Write the basis for business plans, content, Facebook posts, fundraisers . . even design an enclosure. This is a time saving tool that will help.

Ask it anything.

ARC has implemented an Artificial Intelligence tool that references millions of datasets and libraries around the world. It is a huge help when needing to;

  • Generate complex content (including grant and tender responses)
  • Answer a complex or simple question
  • Talk to an AI that will answer back without bias.
  • Debate something
  • Write a song or a poem.
  • Whatever else you want to try.

Rapid letters & content

Ask it something complex  . . like “write me a letter to the Government with my concerns about koala habitat removal” or “make me a bullet point plan for enclosing my kangaroo shelter using decent fencing” .. . once you get the hang of it you can see the time saving it is.

Disclaimer. The answers are good but you still need to check them just like google search, but this is a time saver for sourcing and writing content, planning or generally talking with smart backing about a topic.  Q+A is also saved back into GPT to train the AI (thats how it learns)

Remember. It's not alive

Once you have an answer, you can also change context. (Example “Write me that same question from the eyes of the next door neighbor” or “what other options are there”)

Or just ask it to make you a recipe using all the ingredients in your fridge (it will do that too).


Hint. The answers are a basis to then customise. Do your own research to finalise. This will get you most of the way there. Ask for detail and bullet points. Then use your knowledge to finish the rest.

It's not alive. But the AI will talk to you with the knowledge of thousands that are.

Disclaimer. The AI will state it doesnt have opinions, it answers based on the information it has. Just like going to a library. You still need to check what you read against your own opinions (which may differ). Don’t expect ideology, politics, food choices or views to meet your own. It’s a computer program.. This is a time saver for sourcing and writing content, planning or generally talking with a library of information.

Confidentiality. With any AI and anything you share with social media, the Q+A is also saved “somewhere” and used to train it (that’s how AI learns). Be conscious of what you share with an AI and representing the answers it gives.