ARC operates an agile, trust based system to assess and support rescuers and animals in need. We help several thousand every year with small support. To do that, we have 3 guiding principles

  • Do you have animals / do you need help
  • Are you the person who has the animals directly
  • Can we help you with donations we already have/afford it.

Our rules are also straight forward.

We also have rules in our engagement with people. This is to minimise risk and to protect volunteers and partners.

Times we will not support a request;

  • If a person breaches our positive engagement policy (click here) we disengage.
  • If we have been requested by the organization a person is part of (or the police/gov etc) to not engage we seek advice or disengage.
  • If the person has been charged by the RSCPA we seek advice or disengage.

We dont overthink it, every week we add about 20 more rescuers to the list we help and they come from every background, political and socio-economic. You dont have to be a registered charity, you could be starting out or years in. It is important you get a leg up.

We also track every request (part of our agreement with the ACNC). You can see live statistics of the support requests (click here)  this is straight from our support desk. You can see thousands of pictures of these support jobs (click here).You cant do those numbers and those pictures by making this up. It is what it is.

There is more detailed advice for people asking for grants or support from all organisations (click here)

If you have concerns or questions please email