Does your rescuer organisation need support, food and medical?

We are donating food to help companion animal rescuers.

This information is sent to a request team and allocated to your nearest hub or team leader. We use a form to ensure we can keep on top of requests.

ARC is partnering with the Petbarn Foundation and Royal Canin to provide help and support to rescuers.

A small safety net for helping Companion Animal rescuers.

The ARC team started out in rescuing dogs, cats and companion animals. We know what it’s like needing to feed, vet and support animals through seasons and problems. We originally started the ARC program to help freecycle supplies that were being given away and get them into the hands of rescue groups that need them. Since then we have scaled to support a number of programs nationally and Companion Animals are always core to our work and what we do. 

ARC is donated by major vendors and we work to spread these out to rescuers as wide as we can across the country. 

All rescuers are welcome including council pounds, shelters independents rescuers.

Important points

  • We will ask questions about the number of animals you have in care and your rehoming history/plans. This is because we need to ensure we are supporting a stable organisation.
  • We cannot support hoarders and overrun rescuers. If you have taken on too many animals this is a concern and we will ask questions about it. You need to rehome.


  • We cannot support “dependant” rescuers. If you have gotten in to rescuing animals you MUST have a source of your own food and your own income/donations otherwise you should not be rescuing. We are merely a bandaid. We need to spread support around.


Matching program

We will also try to match freecycled or major donations with rescuers. This could be anything, depends what we get. Cages, crates . . weird dog contraptions, leashes and leads. We work to try and support rescuers in an area to make contact with local rescue groups and get support.

Our rules are pretty straight forward

We will work to help with small food and supplement support as it comes up. We cannot give away large loads of food to one group and then leave others to suffer. So we ask that you make requests that are sparing and are not entitled

  • For animal rescuers we need to talk to the person who has the animals, no middlemen or aggregators. (If you are an outreach org click here)
  • If you get given support or food you cannot give it away to other rescuers. This is to stop the huge runs on stock we get from aggregators. We need to know who is getting supply.
  • Please respect the team. If we dont have food to give you, it means we dont. In many cases food is actually purchased by our team and donors so it is to be shared sparingly. 

We offer advice, we offer support, but at the end of the day if you have gotten into companion animal rescuing you HAVE TO fundraise and feed, medicate and manage your animals.  

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