This program ends July 31st



Supply and support programs to help families in need & reduce surrenders

This program has been completed and will be revisited later in the year.


Want to help with this program. We need people, suppliers, volunteers, transporters, warehousing and donations. We need you. Click here to learn more

An act of kindness is all it takes to help someone you know who may be in need. You can help people you know that may be struggling with the impact of Corona and job loss.

To visit the “Act of Kindness” page and help a friend click here

If you or your family need support to feed your animals you can apply for support here. We will work with local rescuers, our supply network and partners to provide food, flea and worming for a period depending on the need. 

We are sending out packages now to people in need. To request support simply click the “Click here to get support” button below.

You can also refer a friend in need by clicking here.

Council Pounds and shelters are the backbone of the national rescue community. Without pounds there is no safety net for animals. We recognise the role they plan and the support they should be getting in helping animals.  MKC and ARC has been providing quality food for several years now and works with a national network of rescuers to help progressive pounds in need.

Support is available to pounds in need. Within reason, we can help sustain food and supplies of medical.

Please make contact using the support button if you are a pound in need. We are here to help..


Support is available through a number of programs to support wildlife workers and rescuers in need. If you are a member of WIRES we recommend talking to your area coordinator. Additional support is available for non WIRES rescuers that are affected by Coronavirus through ARC support programs.

All of the national rescue organisations are backing support for carers after the bushfires and we can help you manage corona.

If your Wildlife rescue needs support  click here

To make contact with the ARC teams for Wildlife support click here and join our Facebook group.


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