This includes craft, food, blankets, medical. Scroll down for wishlist details.

Get your support where it is needed the most through the rescue network

Our wishlist is all about the animals and rescuers we help

The ARC team work all across Australia helping animals in need. Our supply wishlist is very straight forward and is normally dropped off at one of our storage hubs or transported to where it is needed most.

What we need most

  • Large quantities of Animal Food (all types)
  • Possum and Bird boxes
  • Oil heaters, Washing machines, Whitegoods
  • Financial support
  • Wombaroo, Divetelac and Biolac, all types but especially .07 Kangaroo
  • Fruit and Vegetables for local bat carers
  • Vetafarm
  • Vetwrap/cohesive bandages
  • Crittacare Vytrate Lectade
  • Sofban and other bandages
  • Syringes (Small 1-10ml) + 21/22/23g needles
  • Nutrigel/Nutripet
  • Alcohol Wipes/Iodine Wipes
  • Impact / Colostrum
  • Antiseptic, F10, Virkon… the usual suspects in vet cleaning
  • Coffee. That’s for us. No one has slept since October.
  • Rescue equipment, scanners, traps etc
  • Working vehicles

What we need least

  • Occasionally we will put up a call for linen and blankets but due to massive overstocks in this area we are still working through donations from last year. 

If you have craft to offer? We still need it!

Global supplies of Animal Rescue Craft has been phenomenal and we still are working through large global stocks that were sent to Australia. 

However, there is still a need for certain craft items and support is always appreciated.

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