This includes craft, food, blankets, medical. Scroll down for wishlist details.

Get your support where it is needed the most through the rescue network


These are our most commonly needed items. It’s really simple stuff. Food, medical and craft. We keep the list lean as we know exactly what is needed and who needs it.

The ARC team work all across Australia helping animals in need. Our supply wishlist is very straight forward and is normally dropped off at one of our storage hubs or transported to where it is needed most.


  • Dog and cat food
  • Wombaroo, Divetelac and Biolac
  • Hay (volume), any managable farm sanctuary foods
  • Maize, Milk powders, Cereals.
  • Bird seed and bird foods.


  • Syringes – sterile and non sterile all sizes 
  • Gloves – Surgical and Garden
  • Bandages – crepe, conforming, cohesive (ie Vetwrap), compression etc. especially larger sizes for livestock and roos but all are good
  • Alcohol /iodine wipes
  • Irrigation fluids (vials, sachets, bottles)
  • IV fluids (Hartmanns, saline, glucose etc)
  • Swabs
  • Iodine
  • Disinfectant and wound cleaning products
  • Absorbent pads any size (dry pads/bed pads/puppy pads)
  • IV giving sets and butterfly needles
  • Scissors, tweezers, clamps
  • Basic dressing kits

Specialised dressings:

  • Tegaderm
  • Silver dressings (eg aquacell , acticoat)
  • Alginate dressings  (eg seasorb


Not needed

  • Gowns, drapes, large adhesive dressings other than the specialised ones listed above. We have heaps of gowns and have low demand for these items
  • Random tube things
  • Sanitiser, heat packs – have pallets full

If you have craft to offer? We still need it!

Global supplies of Animal Rescue Craft has been phenomenal. There is always a need for certain craft items and support is always appreciated.

Join the craft guild, learn from craft masters in the guild and get your supportive products to people in need. Click here to join.


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