Emergency Packs

How ARC helps every day rescuers and animals with emergency situations.

Emergency packs are species/emergency specific bundles of equipment for supporting rescuers. They are designed for portability and ease of use to ensure rescuers have what they need in time of emergencies. Food, medical and tools that will help a rescuer at the front line.

Types of emergency packs

Rescue packs are made by the ARC teams in each state with medical supplies and supportive products from our vendor partners. They are batched up and given to rescuers who request them at no cost.  You can see the production line at the bottom of this page

Do you have medical supplies or RAT Torches to give to us? Click here and we will send you all the details for where to send!

Wildlife Trauma - Rescue Kits

Wildlife Rescue Kits Rescue kits are commonly used by Kangaroo and Wombat rescuers to assist with victims on the road or trapped in fences. They contain equipment to release an animal that is ensnared, potentially cut out a Joey and the basics to keep the animal safe and warm until they can be taken to an experienced carer.

Disaster Support Packs

Disaster packs are deployed out to the field and are a combination of rescue and first aid kits, with the addition of food items such as Wombaroo and can be pivoted towards the care and wellbeing of wildlife, companion and farm animals. These are both predeployed to remote areas and are ready at our central hubs to get out for use during an emergency response.

Kitten/Street Cat Kit

Kitten and Cat packs are designed for Seniors and Neo Natal rescue, they contain basic medical as well as Syringes and formula for emergency feeding. We also add heat support, heat packs etc. They also have Flea Tick and Worm / parasite control options.

Animal First Aid Kit

General Purpose kits cover all manner of rescue circumstances and contain food, medical and supportive items for rescuers. They are a good “back of the car” kit to keep for when operating in field.

The production line and when they are packaged and sent out!