If someone abuses OR harasses our team WE WILL NOT SUPPORT THEM.

IF SOMEONE promotes misinformation or attacks on other rescuers/ARC we will not support them.

If you make it hard for otherS to support animals, we will not work with you.

if you are here for a fight or to PUSH AN agenda we WILL disengage

We are all volunteers.  The majority of people we engage are positive and are here to help animals. More support comes to them from all agencies as a result.  If your rescue finds people avoid working with them then perhaps look at how you treat others. 

Treat people the way you expect to be treated, it 100% has an impact on your animals. Doors open more to people who treat others well. We are proof of that. 

If you have a legitimate concern about something email the board here and it will be reviewed at a board level –  feedback@arcsupport.org.au 


ARC like many rescuers has received every possible threat, attack and blackmail you would imagine. Fortunately it is only from the very vocal minority who seek conflict over outcomes for animals.  We work with the other 99% with no problems. 

Q. “You cannot dictate where your donations go, I demand you serve me even though I have abused you”. Answer – Our donors do not expect we support or reward abusive behavior. If you have been aggressive or abusive we wont work with you.  99% of rescuers work well with others.

Q. “I have defamed your organisation and it’s volunteers repeatedly on social media and encouraged others to join in. I’m shocked you are calling me a bully, I’m going to complain”.  Answer – That is what online bullies do. Easy way to stop it, stop bullying people.  Just leave us alone.

Q. “I have called out and abused members of your team on my Facebook page, why aren’t you paying me attention”. Answer. We don’t engage with poor behaviour, we are a support organisation helping animals. That is our focus.

Q. “Why are you answering back when I bully your volunteers, that is so unprofessional”. If you bully or attack volunteers you may be rebutted, you certainly don’t get rewarded.  We would rather not have our volunteers being bullied in the first place.  Just leave us alone.

Q. “But you have said things about people who bully your volunteers and defame your charity?”. We have exposed bullies. On certain pages there are a collection of people, some (not all) have a very bad back catalog. When people who have had animals taken off them for welfare reasons (just one example) demand we do what they want or they will harm our charity and its volunteers, it is what it is.  Just leave us alone.

Q. “Does this mean if I abuse and bully  ARC volunteers my animals may not get help?” Answer – Absolutely it does. This is the same dealing with everyone from the government to red cross to your local fruit shop. If you threaten, bully or abuse our volunteers you are directly impacting support of your animals. You are responsible for your own actions.  Just leave us alone.

Q. You must let me put my demands and opinions on your Facebook page or I will defame you! We are a charity that helps animal rescuers, not a platform for someone’s personal views and demands. We are not here to argue a point on social media, we are here to provide support to those in need. There are other avenues to those who want to pressure politicians and others.   Just leave us alone.

Q. “But I was just asking questions”. Answer – Nope, you weren’t. If you continually badger our team about your views, it is bullying. If you are part of a collective posting hate speech online  . . it is bullying. If you demand that we do what you ask or you will smash us all over the internet, it is bullying. No matter how you frame your language, clearly loaded questions or whether you put a smiley face at the end. If you are pushing your personal agenda, threats, demands and conspiracy theories it is still bullying.  Just leave us alone.

If you don’t think we do enough, that our volunteer charity that helps thousands of people and animals is not good enough? That’s ok, your opinion.  Just leave us alone and we will get on with helping animals. Think about it, why target a charity that saves animals lives and helps those that do. 

99% of people get it. 1% are here for the wrong reasons. ARC is not a platform for your activism, politics, dislike of other orgs, personal grievances or food choices. We are a support org. Drawing us into your issues directly harms the help for rescuers and animals in care. 

f you have a legitimate concern about an issue in our org email the board here and it will be looked at from a board level –  feedback@arcsupport.org.au.  

Common sense and good manners. 99% of people get it. 1% are here for the wrong reasons. Good brings good.  Good has gravity. 99%