A tax deductible donation that prevents fires and helps animals.

ARC is working to deploy as many of these 1000 litre Fire Fighting trailers across rescue groups around Australia. The more we can sponsor the more that can get out into the field before fire season starts.

Road ready

Registered, mobile and ready to get to fire and drought zones.
  • 00Days (roughly) till bushfire season


Trailers being built

So far 35 trailers have been purchased by ARC for sponsoring and deployment across Australia. Our funds come from public donations made by real people like you.

We need to get a lot more out there to help rescuers in need.

Trailers sponsored so far
(Each gets announced on Facebook and matched to a shelter)


Trailer #1 - Sponsored by the ARC team directly (for Damien) and is going to Hunter Horse Haven

#Friendly Jordies

Trailer #2 - Jordan & the team who were major help in the fires. Off to Mel@ Wolfhound

Everyone who knows everyone

Trailer #3 - Sponsored by a fundraise team of the same name & off to NATF

Kickin Koala

Trailer #4- Sponsored by Kylie Stewart & her family to Michelle @ Hunter Bush feed

Whats that Skip?

Trailer 7 Sponsored by MKC and going to Sydney Wildlife!


Trailer 8 sponsored by Jerusalem Zoo and thanks to Dassi. Heading down to Gippsland

Cloud 9

Trailer 9 Sponsored by Mao Lui (Chairman Mao!) and off to Lucky Stars Sanctuary


Trailer 10 with thanks to WIRES donors and heading to Ropes Crossing protected zone.

Vernon Tang

Trailer 11 sponsored by Vernon Tang and heading to Billie Dean Sanctuary

Earth Greetings

Trailter 12 sponsored by Earth Greetings & off to Orphan Lamb Rescue (ARC SA Team)


Trailer 13 sponsored by Jerusalem Zoo and thanks to Dassi. Heading down to Devon Wildlife Shelter Gippsland

David & Judy Moate

Trailer 14 sponsored by bequest and going to Cobargo

Barbie Dream Bus

Trailer 15 sponsored by ARC Donors & heading to a location to a special location. Stay tuned.

Glorious Gloria

T16 by Geraldine Brooks & Darleen Bungey in honour of their mum - off to Rocklily Wombats


Sponsored by Supreme Master Ching Hai and the Guanyin Famen. Off to Wombat Care Bundanoon

Shane Fitzsimmons

Sponsored by Christina Herzeg and heading to Kerstin Schweth at Native Wildlife Rescue South Coast

Firey McFireface

Trailer 19 sponsored by ARC sponsors and heading to Kangaroo Island Fire Team (RoAnna)

The Peach

Trailer 20 sponsored by David Peachy and heading to Gippsland hub for shared deployment

Toto Africa

T21 sponsored by a private donor and off to Higher Ground Raptors

Atlassian Traillo

Trailer 22 sponsored by private donors and over to Vicki and the team at Clarence Valley WIRES

Possum wood

T24 named after and going to the sanctuary that took in 80% of the roos and the brunt of the work.

Nyssa & Snoop

T25 sponsored by Stephanie Samson and Gil Padarin-Innes heading to release site at RRANA Broken Hill


This trailer is sponsored by a Crucial Music and is named after Riley (click for details). Headed to Rae Harvey at Wild2Free

Sunny the dog

T28 has been sponsored by Karen McIntosh and heading to Wombat Awareness SA to join the large fire prevention site

Thomas the Tank Engine

T29 has been sponsored by Maximilian and his Mom (Olga) and is heading to Kangala Wildlife Rescue Kangaroo Island

Powerful Owl

This trailer is sponsored by a mystery donor and is heading to Kerryn at Wildlife ARC in the Central Coast

Suzanne's Firewall

This trailer is named after a key first line defender and is heading to WIRES/Lions Threatened species team for field support in the firezone.

A New Hope

This trailer is in production and is going to WINC NSW for Fire and Bat Support in the field. A true McGyver multipurpose tank

Bairnsdale Sky Puppies

This trailer is in production and will go down to Lisa Roberts - Bairnsdale Bat Colony for year long heat events

Friends for Life

Supported by ARC and the Petbarn foundation is headed to our key shared hub with Nikki at RedBox Victoria


This trailer was supported by Rae at W2F and is named after one of her family. Casper is heading to Greg Keightly at Kangaroo's Alive


This important last trailer is being fundraised for right now and work is being done to secure this for an important carer

This is an ARC Big Nick Trailer in the field

Road ready

Registered, mobile and ready to get to fire and drought zones.

Mass produced

Simple design, easy to make and easy to fix. Modular, repair in field.

Large water load

1000l fill/empty in minutes Heat event adaptors, fire support, drought.
  • About this program. 

ARC is planning for fire prevention for the coming summer. Rescuers will need fire trailers. Easy to use and powerful support that can get into the zones fast when needed.

Enter . . Big Nick. This is worth the read. Tell your rescue friends.

Big Nicks Firefighting Trailers and Sleds approached us with a design. Standards based from easy to source parts. Industry standard 1000 Litre IBC, Standard Trailer, Standard Pump and made to get from A-B with no messing around. We have engineers on team who immediately said “this is how we do it”.

Enter the ARC Big Nick Fire trailer. This is your donations at work. Why standards based? Parts are easy to source, low cost and field maintainable. They are big and easy to spot going to get things done. They throw out enormous amounts of water at a distance to help spot fires and slow down areas of risk.

For more information just message or comment below.

You can go to Big Nicks page here – Seriously, this is the best designed fire trailer we have seen and we are going to keep making them until we cant.

  •  We will book these out in a library style system across the national firezones.
  •  Out of season they will be used as drought and water shuttles, everyone needs to cart water.

This is a monster. Monster by name, monster by delivery, it uses the Honda GX200 Fire Fighting pump and this thing will throw out 6.5HP and 7 hours of water at flames for as long as your tank is full.

This is also the best priced. most cleverly designed system we have seen. The first one we have off the rack we have called Damien as it is a relentless beast that wont stop throwing water.


How we are allocating the trailers

The ARC team works closely with rescuers all over the country and as many of these as we can buy, we will be shipping out to rescue groups. The allocation is needs based on who needs them the most and who will use them all year round. 

Fire trailers dont just do fires, they are an essential part of water cartage, drought support and in particular .. heat sevents. They have be adapted to help with tree misting and cooling during heat events for bats and many many other means. It’s amazing

But when they are needed the most, they are for fires. They wont stop a forest fire but they can put out a spot fire and manage a roadside event hopefully until the big guns arrive with real trucks. 

This will not be all. We are working with Nick to adapt these for many means.

Our allocation process is based on who was the most impacted this year and who has been working the most to help themselves and to help others in need. We will never have enough of these, there are thousands of rescuers around Australia, but if we can create a frontline support tool to help those right in the thick of it, then we have done something good. 

You can donate to help us keep these things coming off the production line here. At $5500 a pop, this is a very low cost solution and very worth it

 We are now allocating these across the firezones. The Rescue Collective also has them on the way . We will continue to work on sourcing these but we encourage you to contact Big Nick and start to order for your Fire Plans.

A huge thank you to Alli Cairns Nick Graham Sally Bourke and the design team that gave us the thumbs up.

Big Nicks Firefighting Trailers and Sleds really, this is going to help so many organisations into the fire season and your ingenuity will save lives


Also, thank you to all our food supporters getting things done