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ARC has now opened it's Pakenham hub and is looking for local rescuers and volunteers. It's the latest of the national sites where we will bring donations in and distribute to local rescuers.

Volunteers are needed to help out.
 - Social media updates and posting on the Vic Melb hub page.
 - At hub outreach days and lift/shift in and out
 - Contacting and talking with local rescuers in the area

Mariana is the hub lead and if you would like to help out with our work just visit https://arcsupport.org.au/volunteer/

The donations and food we bring in are thankfully donated by Petbarn Mars Birdcare Royal Canin and many other vendors who help our work.

The goal of a hub is simple, it's a central point for donations to be distributed to the local community and a space to manage ins and outs. The larger hubs become a bit of a base for local work and are stocked for emergency activity when it is needed.

Thank you for your time and if you are in rescue and want to share please feel free.
WIRES and ARC partnership - Seeing the work of Wildife Carers and Rescuers,. hearing from team members who work in human care during corona. Watching the recent floods and how the community just got stuff done. It makes you really appreciate how lucky you are. 

We are in a fortunate position that we continue to make an impact on rescue both hands on and in partnership. So we wanted to talk about one of the largest.

The WIRES and ARC Partnership

Good brings good. We say that a lot. The track record these partnerships bring enables more outcomes to help more animals. The effect of that work is seen every day as the partners enable each other to help others more. When the floods hit last week, we got the call to help because we are trusted, capable and clean. That didnt happen by being negative or focusing on self interest.

WIRES is the largest donor to Wildlife rescue groups in Australia, this is an undisputed fact. $35m has been assigned this year on top of tens of millions spent last year to causes all over Australia. They didnt have to do that and could have easily kept it for WIRES, however they share that and continue to support others.

If activists tell you otherwise, consider why. Is it self serving? Are they telling you you half the story? Have they burned bridges and are hoping for allies? There are two sides to everything and no one is perfect.

The ARC partnership with WIRES is modern, 2 way and unbreakable. They have contributed support to our volunteer teams (and many organisations nationally) to help get the job done and we give them capability fast where it is needed. It's a 2 way street like any partnership. We build capability that that's supporting the same goals. It's been done right. We aren't new to this.

How did the WIRES partnership start?

In the fires our teams ran into theirs. We dropped hay, food and medical to WIRES sites like many other rescuers. We set up hubs in operation areas. They made our work far easier with people and knowledge where we could help more. No one expected anything. The job was being done.

The attitude of WIRES was right in line with ours. Even when poor practices popped up, WIRES would still say "OK, but what about their animals". No one at WIRES said to block support to someone in need or had online outbursts. I cant say the same about others we have met in rescue.

What do we do with/for WIRES.

ARC's role in life is an agile support ground team for rescuers. Because of the work we do with small rescue and our hubs we can reach out fast to hot spots. We also have our own work helping small rescuers grow sustainably. WIRES see value in that for all of national rescue and help support that work. They didnt have to, but they did.

We also have the direct day to day positive engagement with hundreds of rescuers. We dont use that to create trouble and look for problems, we ask how they can be helped, projects and planning needed. When time/funding is right we can action that help either ourselves, through sponsors and with WIRES. This helps them see places that need focus and offer to help.

What do WIRES do for ARC?

Outside of the project funding, the knowledge and buy in of WIRES in NSW is immeasurable. They are not just "the biggest in the country" but the carers have decades of experience, contacts, skills, field work and quality you cannot get by turning up in the last year. This means we can be more effective in what we do to help across all of rescue.

When someone sees a WIRES logo on a hub or on an email it means quality. Quality training, systems, processes and hundreds of animals in direct care. They bring credibility to anyone they work with. Whether you like it or not, WIRES has the systems, experience and processes that many dont.

Why do you back WIRES?

We share the same objective. Save animals. ARC team has decades of animal rescue experience and business, disaster and technical acumen. Anyone with mature experience knows if the biggest partner in the country shares the same values and you can help them, get in there and do it. When organisations go it alone, they wither alone.

Anyone out there attacking other orgs simply makes us and the rest of rescue look good and limits their own potential. If you want to stay small, best way is to keep attacking others. You want to save more animals you need allies. People dont donate to negativity. Your loss. 

You never hear the doors that close if you arent even in the room.

What funding does WIRES give ARC?

The two major funding events fit into what we just said on the tim.
- A large funding grant during the fires for Small Rescuer food support. Executed flawlessly in 2 months to hundreds of rescuers.
- A disaster preparation grant for equipment and emergency prep in late 2020 that was immediately used in the WA and SA fires + some of the Floods + Support for our constant re-supply of Medical and Craft for rescuers

WIRES contributed 10% of our funding last year. Not everything gets approved and we are grateful for the help we do get.

What is the future of the partnership?

ARC's goal has been the same from start. To baseline a national standard of support for rescue and help them get support, be self sufficient and save more animals. Thats it. WIRES wants the same thing. Neither of our orgs can take over others in rescue or start telling people what to do, it's conspiracy fiction to think otherwise. To do this ARC support hubs, bring supply and services in and help the local rescuers. It's exactly what it looks like.

Remember, WIRES didnt have to do this.

They are a massive team of animal professionals and carers in their own right. The field experience WIRES has is immeasurable. 

They could have said "sod you all, we're keeping it" like RFS did, but they have been the largest national donor to Wildlife rescue and we are a small one of those orgs. 

They saw what we were doing and invested in it. That investment paid off when 3 large emergencies hit in the past 4 months and we were there fast. 

Any questions, just ask. It is as simple as what is on the tin. Many organisations partner with ARC, with WIRES , with others. Many will in the future. It's a 2 way program that saves lives and supports outcomes.

Lastly, we get it that in volunteering there are people who stir arguments. It s going to happen and also shouldnt be discounted. The opinions matter when they are facts so we try not to amplify fake news.. But negative posting doesnt feed your animals, and you dont get food with Facebook likes and shares. 
Adelaide and South Australian rescuers and carers? Please join the local ARC group page. With ARC opening up an Adelaide hub and already active in KI and Regional SA, this will be a key focal point for the area

Join here - https://www.facebook.com/groups/arcsarescuers

The local team, headed up by Rebecca has been working as a key part of ARC since 2019. It's important to Australia. During the fires both this year and last year SA hubs were active in rescue support.

If you are a Companion Animal, Sanctuary or Wildlife rescuer you are welcome.
Adelaide Woodville North Hub - Wanna be involved? Just a quick note to Adelaide Rescuers that we will be opening a hub in about a  weeks in the area. Site has already been confirmed and now we are just working out the volunteers and logistics.

The location will be Woodville north.

If you would like to know more or be involved in volunteering at the Hub, please click here


Hubs are more than just a storage setup, they are "what the team makes of it". 

Rescuers coordinate with locals, suppliers and each other to help bring in and get supplies out, support other teams and generally bring positive energy to helping animals and others

You can see our national set up here www.arcsupport.org.au/hubs

Adelaide will be a key hub nationally and work together with the state leader (Bec @ Mt Gambier). The prime focus initially will be Companion Animal as we do a lot of the Wildlife and Sanctuary work through the regional post

The Adelaide Hub is the last of our changes planned after the closure of Gladesville and Annandale. Those funds we saved by closing those two sites were easily enough to set up these closer regional facilities.

If you would like to be involved, hit the link!

Direct mobile uploads from field

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