ARC and Hunter Horse Haven are working to help large numbers of horses left with no homes or no hope since Corona and Fires. 

We are providing food, medical and housing support to HHH so that they can focus on getting the job done and rescuing horses

  • 00Days (roughly) till bushfire season


Horses in care

With over 40 years experience in the horse industry HHH supply a list of services in conjunction with rehabilitation.

Human Services– We provide open family day on Sundays for adults and children to spend time with our rehab horses. Our Sundays have expanded to help adults, teenagers and children suffering from depression which has provided a massively positive result in these people’s lives who all leave smiling and return.

We are currently expanding to implement a program for mentally disabled adults, children, their families and carers to visit our horses.

Horses we are working to provide sponsors for

Poor coat

These photos tell you a story

Terrible condition

Horses left exposed to the elements, no brushing, no washing, no care.

Poorly fed

Starving and malnourished, minimal access to quality food

Bloated and sick

Sad horses left in sad states that need our help

Hunter Horse Haven Inc. is a Not-For-Profit Charity located at Anna Bay, Port Stephens. ARC is working with HHH to support horses and local rescuers. From their site read below.

We endeavour to intercept horses being sent to slaughter to provide rehabilitation and rehoming for them and neglected, abused and displaced horses.

Horses are rehabilitated and trained via a natural horsemanship method including positive reinforcement and rehomed under an adoption contract.
Training includes bitless bridle riding for all horses and socialising with people and experience with traffic.
We ensure each horse is provided with positive training without fear or abuse.


To provide the highest level of care for our horses we provide the best feeding program and work closely with our local vet.

We endeavour to organise a monthly auction to aid in raising funds towards the rehab of our horses and rely on the donations of kind hearted supporters to help us provide care and rehab for our horses.

With 24 horses to care for and manage fundraising is vital.

If anyone can help via the donation of items or funds it would be greatly appreciated and help immensely.

Our Charity has Deductible Gift Recipient Status schedule 1 so all donations of $2 and over a tax deductible.

Please contact us if you require a receipt.

Hunter Horse Haven Inc.
St George


Account number –


The Surrender contract is available for viewing in photo attachments on this post.
Please email us for a copy of form.

Any horse surrendered must be accompanied by the Surrender document.
Our committee assessed surrender cases and prioritises urgent cases.
Please email for a Surrender form if you require one.


At the moment we are working on a number of horse neglect properties in the Port Stephens and Newcastle areas with the horses held on these properties a combined total of over 70 horses.

These horses were neglected prior to the economic impact COVID has had on our economy.

There is no excuse for people to starve horses to the point of emaciation and there never will be.
Help is available if an effort is made to look for it.

Part of what we do in conjunction with the AEUS group (Australian Equine Unification Scheme) is to collate information on horse neglect properties nationally and endeavour to force action by authorities and welfare agencies to help these horses.
This is a extremely hard and long battle but it shouldn’t be.
And while we battle for action horses suffer.

We have no legal powers just the power of hard and repetitive work to force action.
Our only option to rescue any horses off these properties is the agreement of the owner to surrender horses which is unfortunately also a difficult process most of the time.

In the case we can remove some of the approximate 70 horses obviously Hunter Horse Haven Inc are limited on the number we can take in.

We do have an option to register foster carers with us who may be able to take on a horse or 2.
The Foster caring process requires us to check potential foster properties for adequate pasture, safe fencing and evaluate existing number of stock already on the property.
Also horses are monitored by us on a weekly basis to ensure the health and happiness of both horse and foster family.
A contract is required to be completed to become a foster carer.
Feed, hoof trimming and vet checks organised by us.

At this time we may be lucky enough to have the financial support of a large organisation to help us with these horses.
We are hoping to find out soon as without financial support for the transport, vet assessment and treatment, inoculations and initial rehab costs for these horses our hands are tied, the process costs outside our reach.

If you have a safely fenced acreage and can foster a horse for a period of time please email –

If you know of a trusted horse trainer with soft hands that applies positive reinforcement training and may help with the retraining of horses at a discounted rate or freely please let us know.

At this time the following information cannot be provided as it can impact on our ability and negotiations to help these horses-
Horse owners details
Area of property and address
Certain horse photos
Details of properties

So if you can help via fostering or training a horse please EMAIL

Also, thank you to all our food supporters getting things done