ARC is a national “at scale’ organisation supporting animal rescuers, peak bodies and emergency responders.

Mission Statement: 

The ARC’s mission is to save animals by supporting rescue. We do this by providing support programs and supply donations helping rescuers, peak bodies, and aligned industry partners to get help where it is needed. 

We have built a national capacity for supporting the broad rescue ecosystem. whether it is food, medical/craft, advice, or logistics. , 

ARC is a registered charity – Animal Rescue Support Incorporated. You can read our ACNC record (click here). Our ABN is 25151709481

ARC Positive Engagement policy here.

Companion Animal - Wildlife - Sanctuary

  • Emergency Support – In times of crisis ARC puts teams on the ground and supports immediate activity. Food, Medical, Rescue, People. 
  • Food Security/Sustainability – On a national basis ARC works with all major vendors and rescuers to sustainably get support from those who have it to those who need it.
  • One on One Programs with Rescue – ARC will engage with rescuers to support critical programs that bring a better outcome for animals.
  • Outreach – ARC works with community outreach, RSPCA, OzHarvest and other programs to support animals in socio economic situations
  • Domestic Violence – ARC Supports agencies that are helping people escape domestic violence.

The vision – a national baseline of standards and support for Animal Rescue

  • Standards of care, access to training and resources for all rescuers
  • A ready to go framework for  engagement using established technology and tools
  • Knowledge and support for rescuers and animals
  • Backing in time of key need, seasonal spikes and emergencies.
  • Positive, qualified and proactive partnerships with industry and agencies
  • Supporting services in a rescuers lifecycle from inception to delivery.

The ARC team came together from groups of specialist Animal Rescuers, professionals, volunteers and wildlife workers. We adapt from national emergencies to micro support and all rescuers and partners are considered equal.  The only question we ask is:

 – Do you have animals?

 – Do you need help.

You can read more about how we assess support options by clicking here, the principals are clear. 

The ARC work in conjunction with peak bodies, major rescue organisations, thousands of individual rescuers and the care sector to respond with scale and help animals in need.

ARC is a division of Animal Rescue Support Incorporated and was originally started by the Mini Kitty Commune. 

In recent times this includes

  • Disaster response/Bushfire national response
  • Covid 19 /Corona Companion Animal Response
  • National logistics for PetBarn foundation food redistribution
  • National Food response for WIRES Bushfire relief programs
  • Craft Guild international rescue program (250000 volunteer members)
  • Significant ($1m+) donation programs to support national Wildlife groups
  • Redistribution programs for many major health and welfare donors
  • Hundreds of individual rescues, hands on rebuilds and programs of work.

The teams are made up of hundreds of directly involved field volunteers across Australia backed by resource drop hubs, volunteer transporters, hands on animal care specialists and field workers. The capacity of the teams are considerable and is currently the only “At Scale” organisation of it’s type in Australia.

Peak bodies
Vets + Nurses

We created ARC to support rescuers and the animals they care for.
Organisations and donors come to ARC as they know we can get right where they want to help with the right people, knowledge and supplier to immediately save lives.

The latest in technology and social engagement means ARC can locate resources in key rescue hotspots and engage teams immediately. ARC also maintain massive databases of rescuers, support and specialists to back resources in response

ARC operate a  hub and storage resource pool capable of long term broad supply of food and medical resources. These hubs double as community collection and rescue group distribution hubs for general purpose rescue support. 


Thank you to the many volunteers that make this possible