We are donating food to community outreach and family support groups with pets.

Example. Church groups, vinnies, homeless support, refuges, disaster hubs and any org that supports people with pets.

Basic information

  1. Organisations requesting food support need to log a job in the system by clicking the “click here to request support” button above.
  2. The product must be for your organisation and the people /pets you support only, no aggregators unless you have arranged to pick up for another org that has also logged a job (this is to limit hogging of food).
  3. It is really helpful and we will make it worth your trip if you come pick up from one of our pickup hubs. It takes a lot longer when you need us to transport to you.
  4. Food cannot be sold or handed on to people that will sell it. It’s free. We want it into the hands of the people and their pets who need it most. 

Some of the food that we have been given is near date stock or in some cases there is packaging damage. These are premium brand items that are close to date and are moved out of stores to rescue.

We may limit the amount given. It wont be a waste of your time to come over but we cannot give pallet loads to one group, this needs to be shared around. 

There will be more, this program has been running now for over a year and has been expanded considerably in that time so get to know your local ARC hub team and they will be in contact as more comes in.  Any questions, ask on the form


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