ARC is a major distribution organisation for Petbarn Foundation, WIRES, Petwise/Greencross and many other large peak bodies. ARC redistributes tonnage of food, medical, craft and rescue items across a national network of rescuers. 

Over 1400 rescue organisations work with ARC. We take every product, every size load and through our large national contact base we can ensure that product gets to animals in need without stockpiling. Your donation does not go to waste.

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Major Partner

PetBarn Foundation

“Petbarn foundation has been here since well before the fires, well before the emergencies. They were working with ARC to support Animals in need, in the field, in the stores and across all states.

The relationship with PetBarn not only includes product but co-branding, proof of engagement, significant 2 way sponsorships. We go to Petbarn when we need to stand up an emergency program and we buy product we need . .they come to us when the nation needs to respond and they need a vehicle to get things done. 

This is a true partnership that saves animals and changes lives.”

Major Partner


“WIRES is the largest Wildlife group in Australia and the partnership with WIRES has had a serious impact on the outcome for wildlife workers across the country. The partnership with WIRES began with ARC supporting field teams and visa versa, then rapidly grew to 1:1, methodical and well planned engagement in field teams.

WIRES has the teams in the field. Not only do they handle national emergencies but also maintain a large workforce that handles thousands of rescue calls every week and teams of medical supporter

WIRES and ARC share distribution resources, share team members, spread support and get things done. When we cannot get somewhere, they can. They provide the necessary qualification and approvals to access areas and wildlife that we cant.  WIRES and ARC brings national capability to get this done”

Major Partner

The Rescue Collective

“When the fires hit, there was the Rescue Collective. Right out the front raising the alarm nationally. We had already established work with them doing general rescue supply and freecycle, but both organisations quickly, within days formed a massive national response that got things done. 

Over a million dollars in food support, hundreds of tonnes of supplies, thousands of interactions and countless hours of volunteer work, our organisations worked together like one.

The team at the Rescue Collective are like family to ARC. We go after challenges together. Massive shelter rebuilds, huge food supply programs, logistics and rescue nightmares.

They are hands on, hands in, 200% filthy dirty rescue and we wouldnt have it any other way”

The scale of the ARC teams can bring your help and support to any Animal Rescue crisis, community program and support project. We provide quality proof of engagement, measured outcomes and physical field engagement.