Are you a trapper and feeder looking for help with TNR desexing costs?

MKC and ARC are working to support active TNR projects

A helpful program for TNR support

The Mini Kitty Commune has decades of experience in TNR and understands the importance of TNR in population control.

We have a small limited funding pool to help geniune trappers and colony feeders in need. This is not for rescue groups for a desexing fund, it is only for the actual trappers on the street doing the work that are not aligned to a group.

Ideally, a trapper has a relationship already with a low cost TNR vet, we will sponsor that cost for the trapper project by project. Our best TNR sponsor programs work like this. The trapper can concentrate on getting as many cats in the colony desexed as fast as possible, we pay the costs.

Important points

MKC will support TNR basic vet work such as desexing etc and this will need to be arranged with one of MKC’s approved TNR contacts.

Basically, MKC will try to help financially to support TNR work, however we do have limited funds and cannot fund for enormous vet bills for expensive surgeries etc.

The role of a TNR trapper is simple:

* Assist with trapping, transport (if needed) to one of the MKC vets, MKC funds for desexing and basic checkup, male cat can be released on the same night post desexing, female cat needs to be kept for minimum of 3 days indoor for recovery, the cat must be return back to the original colony where it came from and continue to be managed as part of the colony.

Following are conditions that all MKC TNR trappers need to agree to and are non negotiable:

* MKC cannot be pressured to take in cats that are TNR’ed. If the trapper catches a cat then it’s the responsibility of the trapper to undertake the end to end process, MKC simply funds for the vet bills. If the cats are “dropped” on MKC, we will return them to you.

* Within reasons, MKC will cover for additional vet fees such as eye cream and antibiotics etc, but MKC cannot suddenly start paying large vet bills for colonies beyond basic desexing fee. If the cats are wild or have been injured extensively and unable to survive in the wild they may be euthanised unless the trapper is able to arrange a safe recovery place for them.

* MKC cannot foster TNR cats, nor can we hold them over in our foster houses/vets and we cannot adopt them out under MKC.

Things to be aware of

Trappers need to also be aware that MKC also WILL desex pregnant cats up till late term, however with late term pregnancies, it will be at the discretion of our vets whether it will be safe to terminate or not. If the pregnancy cannot be terminated, the trapper will need to organise a foster home for the pregnant cat.

If the trapper starts posting up photo’s of the cats in MKC Facebook group forums asking for people to foster them or begging MKC to take them in, we will stop the TNR funding.

If the trapper pressures any MKC members/volunteers/vets to take their cats, MKC will cease TNR funding.

Donations to MKC for TNR will be appreciated, so we can continue to assist other cats in need.

Please dont announce to the public that MKC is funding for your TNR projects, please keep this discreet as TNR is a contentious topic in Australia. Certain councils are less tolerant than others towards TNR.


You will join a special private group with our TNR teams to get advice and support.  All information posted on this site must remain confidential and not shared outside of this group for the safety of our colony cats and so that our trapping friends are not suddenly being pressured to trap cats for other people.

As much as the above conditions might sound harsh, MKC have been relentlessly pressured to personally take in wild cats because someone wanted to take up TNR or scanning. Basically, that means the team personally committing to many years of a cat. Thats the harsh reality of TNR. The volunteer that is wanting to do TNR needs to own the colony with MKC funding the desexing bills only.