Transporters – Packers – Feeders – Admin – Graphics Art – Writers. Everything helps us to support animal rescue

ARC exists to help animals in need. We do this by getting supplies and support to where rescuers need help through volunteers.

It can be an hour a month or as much time as you like! One big national family

Volunteers are what drives Animal Rescue and what keeps the ARC machine going. The work of every single volunteer is valued by everyone in rescue. You cant do this without help.

The most common things that are need at ARC reflect the work that we are doing. Some of these are;

  • Transfer Hub team members. The hubs are where we receive and send out our donations and supplies. This is boxes of product, food and medical supplies that come in all week and go out all week.
  • Transporters. These are volunteers who can take stuff from a Transfer Hub to a rescue group, either in their own vehicle or in a van/truck depending on what we have to move
  • Moderators and coordinators. We have large social media properties and get a lot of questions, we always need new people to help out and support rescuers by manning the inbox and taking queries.
  • Helpdesk support. Like the above but helping us with coordinating requests in the help desk system
  • Crafters, Artists, Crafty artists.  We run the worlds largest Animal Rescue Craft Guild and we need people who can either make craft or sort craft and help us get it from A to B
  • Writers. What rescuers do has to be shared! We are always looking  for writes to help tell the story of the work of rescue.
  • Graphics Artists. Any help in design and support helps to bring people into the pages and get more engagement to help rescue.

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