Why we ask for pictures and hashtag posts

When we make a donation to an organisation we request a post or a photo. As a result thousands of rescuers get to tell their story and in nearly every case they love doing it and are happy to help. These DO get read by our partners and many are showcased.  We also take pictures when there are pickups from the hubs as well as ad hoc photo and other supporting doco to help showcase activity.

This is not mandatory. Its entirely up to you, but it does help.  It’s the most effective and easy way to provide transparency, say thank you to our donors, report back to the donors/auditors on how we have given out support (and saves a lot of arguments).

  • Reporting back to the ACNC and Auditors on where donations went.
  • Showing that donations were spread far and wide to all types of groups.
  • Showcasing the rescuers to the partners and sponsors!

You know how every year someone says “we dont know what XXXX charity did with the donations?” We dont have that problem. We transparently show what we do. At any stage you can see where we did it and where it went. No hoarding no “mates”, all out to rescue.

What we ask for (don't overthink it)

  • A picture post with the donation, most of the time these are done at the hub. 
  • Your story!! As much as you like about your rescue work and what you do
  • Hashtags (explanation below)

Why our suppliers ask for this

When a supplier gives out something, they normally have their own teams they need to showcase it to, so that it helps them get the ok to give things away. This is standard business.

  • By showing a donation in the hands of a rescuer and helping animals it shows that the donation is not sitting in a shed or wasted. It shows it was effective.
  • This then makes it easier for more donations to be given by that organisation
  • It also means the supplier can show a spread and effectiveness of donations so they dont sit around.
  • Accountability and transparency (and of course, goodwill)


If you dont want to write a post about your donation thats ok, it’s the same as when your rescue and team helps someone out. You dont “expect” them to say thank you, but it is really nice if they do. It makes our lives a lot easier.

Its the same with visiting a pizza shop or making XMAS dinner. A little thank you helps everyone (including us . . ever noticed how many times ARC thanks the volunteers, rescuers and vendors . . thats not an accident).

However, this is not mandatory, totally up to you.

Why do organisations use hashtags

Hashtags mean that something can be searched easily and then measured. Thats all. So if you search for a certain string with a hashtag on it, most platforms allow you to count it.

If you click here, it will execute a search on Facebook for #thankyouarc and you will see the stories come up. In the back end, we can also measure and show how many organisations have been given support so we can prove it happened. When someone ask “prove you have given stuff away” then we can show them. It’s that simple

ARC uses the skills that it has from decades of professional engagement so that we can support more rescuers and help more animals You cant do that by sitting in a dark corner of the internet. You need to get out into the rescuers, visit their sites, have them in your sites and show the world what they do.