Do you have animals? Do you need food and support?


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Do you have animals? Do you need help?

The ARC team work closely with hundreds of Wildlife groups around Australia to support them with food and infrastructure. If you are a member of a wildlife group that needs help please let us know and we will work with you and your teams to support your animals.

Support is available through a number of programs to support wildlife workers and rescuers in need. 

If you are a member of WIRES we recommend talking to your area coordinator or click here to raise a request with WIRES directly.

Rescuers around Australia are changing lives for animals

Independant rescuers work hard in their region to support Wildlife in need. They house animals, save lives and do all the work.

We want to help you feed your animals. All we need to know is what animals you have in care and what food you feed them, we will work to fill in the gaps.

The community absolutely appreciates you. Lets get this done.

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