A tax deductible donation that gets food, medicine and support to animals and the rescuers that support them. 

The Animal Rescue Cooperative is at the frontline of rescue, supporting rescuers and helping Wildlife and Companion animals through a national program of direct engagement.


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What you are supporting?
Food, shelter, medical and support for animals in need. Corona, Bushfires, Floods, Drought. Get in the fight.

ARC has scaled out a network of volunteers to get food and support to rescuers everywhere.

This is the International  and Australian Donations Page for the ARC support programs including Australian / US and European readers. A donation to the Animal Rescue Cooperative saves WIldlife and supports Corona relief, feeds animals and gets food to where it is needed.

ARC provides tonnage of food, medical, craft and rescue items across a national network of rescuers and directly feeds animals. We take every product, every size load and through our large national contact base we can ensure that product gets to animals in need without stockpiling. Your donation does not go to waste.

Working with donors, suppliers and peak bodies, ARC has engaged in numerous implementations, innovations and complete shelter rebuilds to support rescuers in need.

 – Scale out rebuild projects, water security programs, complete shelter recreation post emergency. innovation in national projects to help rescue.

 – Where infrastructure does not exist, ARC has put in place innovative feed and water solutions, containment and supporting volunteers to ensure the best survival of animals in care

– ARC not only supports the rescuers in the field, it’s own volunteers are engaged in hands on field rescue.

ARC’s team members are all in Animal Rescue and bring many years of experience in field engagement. When they arent helping others they are hands on in the cages, on the streets and in the bush with rescue. This gives them a unique perspective not only on rescue but the interpersonal and orgaisational needs of rescuers.

The coordination of large scale supply, volunteer and support infrastructure in times of need is our speciality. Working with rescue groups on the ground, peak bodies, suppliers and donors the ARC teams come together with significant services to save lives.

This is the most important part of our work.

 – National ongoing supply of food and medical to key hot spots

 – Collection and distribution of medical and other support.

 – Coordination of evacuations, on site preparation and emergency controls

 – What rescuers need . . to rescue. Infrastructure, funds, skilled people.

 – Hundreds of volunteers backed up by pinpoint response and supply chain takes pressure of rescuers/government and is the difference between life and death.

You can verify this by clicking on this page and contacting the team at ARC

– Feeding Wildlife and Animals directly, providing medical and safety.

 – Working with drone, darting and SAR teams to bring animals to safety

 – Physical shelter management across a broad range of animal types

 – Solid understanding of systems and processes to make shelters run better

 – Field team engagement Hands on, dirty glove work with injured animals

To donate via DD (Bank) use BSB 06 2171 Acc 1037 4270  – Account Name “Animal Rescue Cooperative”

Also, thank you to all our food supporters getting things done